We take responsibility for delivering your project

We deliver premium construction projects to customers who care passionately about what they are creating.

We understand major projects are a big investment. Not just financially but also a personal commitment involving many decisions ranging from the high level space planning to the smallest detail. Our aim is share your passion and work alongside you to make the process as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

It is never too early to get in touch and increasingly customers are getting us involved before they have even employed an architect or designer. We may be able to suggest an appropriate architect and reduce the cost/ time in getting started on the project. It also means you can reserve a slot in the diary so we will be available to deliver your project.

In other cases we will get involved when an architect has produced plans. Again it is useful to get involved before plans are too detailed as often we can offer suggestions for approaches that have worked well in practice.

We have our own staff, we have subcontractors we use time and time again and we have specialists we can contract as required. It shouldn’t matter who supplies the labour the key part of our approach is that we take responsibility and sort it out.

C Curtis Building, Surrey, West Sussex

We deliver projects and make sure we have the staff, sub-contractors and suppliers with the right skills to deliver the quality and excellence that we demand, and know our customers expect.

C Curtis Building, Surrey, West Sussex

We build a collaborative relationship with our customers so we both succeed together

Many of our customers have excelled running their own businesses. They recognise that the most successful business relationships are where both parties succeed together.

They recognise that requirements change and want a commercial arrangement that is flexible and can adapt without either party losing out. Our commercial approach is key to achieving this.

Each project has an open book (spreadsheet!) that shows the budget, every expense that has been incurred and every hour that has been expended. It is updated on a weekly basis and shared with the customer. Any changes to the scope are tracked through agreed change requests.

The budget uses fixed rates for supplying different skills and materials are supplied at cost (trade) prices. By empowering the customer with this commercial information they gain the flexibility to safely refine the scope and detail as the project takes shape.

We believe this openness and transparency is key to building trust and enabling us to work alongside the customer to deliver each project successfully.

In addition to our own staff we retain sub-contractors who are prepared to work to our standards and share our ethos.

Subcontractors will often comment on how well our sites are run. We are proud of that. We depend on them and if they know they can trust us to be ready they wont let us down and the jobs progress as planned.

As we are privileged to work on many different projects with different architects, designers and suppliers we can offer genuinely impartial advice on the relative merits of different products and techniques.

We provide our clients high standards of craftsmanship + advanced and environmentally friendly technologies.