From restoring listed buildings to using the latest materials and techniques to build contemporary homes

We work with leading architects and structural engineers. We pride ourselves on understanding the dependencies, to ensure the project runs efficiently, and we focus on the details that matter to avoid problems being found later. If we think there is a better way of doing something we will challenge the architects to ensure the customer is getting the best possible outcome.

We have the experience to take advantage of different techniques for any given project. This experience ranges from the craft skills to restore listed buildings through to the technical skills to design bespoke components that are made in a workshop, or even a factory environment, and assembled on site. In many cases, our success is based on being able to mix and match these skills to deliver projects which meet the highest technical standards whilst maintaining a unique character.

The examples below include new builds, restorations, extensions and basements.

We have worked with timber frames, steel frames and oak frames.

We have made extensive use of different external finishes including stone, glass, copper, zinc, tiles, wood, modern renders and the timeless appeal of traditional handmade bricks. We have restored traditional sash windows and delivered new windows in the full range of materials and styles.

C Curtis Building, Surrey, West SussexC Curtis Building, Surrey, West Sussex
Before building workFully completed